Ahad, 21 Jun 2009

KAKI BLUE - teater

Host :klpac type :
music/art - performance

start : thursday, 3o July 2009 8.30pm

end : sunday, 16 august 2009 11.30pm

location : pentas 1, the kuala lumpur performing art centre (klpac) sentul park, jln strachan, kuala lumpur
phone : 03-40479060

email : www. /

Lin, Nee and Ah Shan just completed their SPM, and think it's time to celebrate. Think again!
Just as they sink into a mellow routine of nothingness; of watching TV non-stop and sleeping until 1pm in the afternoon, they unexpectedly 'kena saman' in the form of an SMS calling them for service in the Butterworth Kem Bina Negara! The 3 get over imaginative and start conjuring images of deadly flying foxes and scary men in uniforms...Will their wildest fantasies of the elusive camp and its equally colourful camp trainers be a reality, and will their lives really be the same after the stint in those blue khakis? Follow the three as they leave their blue and whites to don their newuniforms as wira & wira watis in the new camp under the guidance of theno-nonsense Major Sabar. Kaki Blue is a bold story about the courage and spirit of today's youth. It is about the many uniforms and roles we put on, and shed, as wegrow up in this country. Join the youngsters as they sing and dance to the tunes of yesteryear, to finally emerge the heroes that they are. HELP..! i've been drafted ....!visit me at kem KLPAC...PLEASE COME FOR ME.....

ticket price:

1) Tuesday - Thursday ( RM30 )

2) Friday - Sunday ( RM40 , RM60 , RM80 , RM100 )

p/s : pls do inform me for every ticket that u buy together with the seriel number on the ticket ya...or u can ask me for any detail about this event ..thank you.. !

c&p from fb arja lee