Khamis, 11 Jun 2009

Kesengalan Airasia

Hangin jerk aku satu badan pepagi cam ni dapat email nih
Lari da planning kita orang nak last minute shopping
Hempeh tul kalau bagi voucer xper gaks leh la kitaorang planning next trip
Stakat email jer aper kejadah nyer. Da kena revise kita orang nyer planning
Korang baca la mail kat bawah nih
HAMPEH ………..

Dear Value Guest,

First and foremost, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind choosing Indonesia AirAsia on your trip.

We would like to inform you that flight QZ 7597 from Bandung to Kuala Lumpur Effective 17 July 2009 - 24 October 2009 has been retimed EARLY, departure from Bandung at 10.25 hrs and arrived to Kuala Lumpur on 13.30 hrs.

We are extremely sorry for above retime. However we would highly appreciate if you could understand with the issue and accept our sincere apologies.

For further information please contact Air Asia:

Indonesia : +6221-50505088
Thailand : +66-2-515-9999
Malaysia : +603-2171-9222
Singapore : +65-630-77688
China : 95013 9000 0200
Others : +603-2171-9333

Email :

Once again with our sincere apologies for any inconveniences that may have caused you. However we keep promising to improve our service continually to meet with you satisfaction.

We truly value as Indonesia Air Asia customers. We look forward to welcoming you onboard to providing you with a renewed and positive Air Asia experience.

Thank you for choosing Indonesia Air Asia.

Kind Regards,
Indonesia Pre Flight


linn berkata...Best Blogger Tips

huh...apa kes balik kol 10+ pagi dari bandung. rugi gilo nok! harus ko hangin.

daydeck86 berkata...Best Blogger Tips

mmg hangin tahap gaban
cam sial jerk kan
xbleh blah siot